Wisdom Homes Scary Christmas Party

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Wisdom Homes Christmas Party


Centre: Founder Domenic Vitalone








Wisdom Homes is a quite the company to work for from an outsider point of view.

Not only are their houses amazing but the staff that you deal with are grounded and very involved in what they do.

Take a look at their website and see what they offer.

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After several Corporate functions we have to say this one was epic.

The management at Wisdom Homes do a staff Christmas party every year, but last year it was unforgettable at Ottimo House Denham Court.


Normally when when we shoot corporate we know what we are shooting, shots to take etc but this year we were stunned.

We had two photographers covering the event entry we had one inside and one outside greeting guests.

The first guests we welcomed in were on the list were your worst nightmare.

Pennywise & the clown clan.

See Below








Now IT the movie kept you from sleeping but try and photographing Pennywise in person than review the images later. No sleep for a week.


We were so amused by the makeup these staff members had, some costumes took a whole day to apply!!!

Dessert was a Pure Gelato cart full of yummy flavours & amazing food supplied by Ottimo House!

Dj Mister Jayson with Wisdom Homes Co-Owner Fay Vitalone & Lisa












Every image was captured in such a way that the staff looked frightening to management. I guess you could say you wouldn’t want to see that portrayed at the workplace.

Then there were characters that went all out… with bicycles, ripped clothing and clothing coated in fake blood well at least we hoped it was fake blood especially on their faces.

Enough from us, have a look at the images yourselves!!!!!!!!

Have a great sleep tonight “insert Michael Jackson thriller laugh”.





























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