November 12, 2018

Salvatore Coco.

I got to spend a day with Salvatore in the studio, I can honestly say this is where the talent started in Australia alongside some other great actors.

Salvatore is known for Harry “hammer” in Underbelly The Golden Mile… but this is just the icing on the cake.

Roles in Looking for Alibrandi, Bootmen and Two Hands.

It seems Mr Coco has enriched the screens again and each time the productions are getting better and better.

Bruno Rossi in The secret daughter, Jack “Peanut” Freebody in The Peter Brock Story & Frank Calabrisi in The Principal.

This year there is another one under wraps and will continue to bring this genius onto our TV screens.

Salvatore Coco

Salvatore Coco does have many hats aside from acting and that is in the form of Master Of Ceremonies, he unleashes a side of him that is Romance for weddings and a great host for events.

He has testimonials online that show just what kind of gentleman he really is, everything he does is done with his soul & never misses a beat.