creative editorial fashion Photography November 12, 2018 WHO IS SALVATORE COCO?

Salvatore Coco. I got to spend a day with Salvatore in the studio, I can honestly say this is where the talent started in Australia alongside some other great actors. Salvatore is known for Harry “hammer” in Underbelly The Golden Mile… but this is just the icing on the cake. Roles in Looking for Alibrandi, Bootmen and Two …

Bridal fashion Florists Photography Weddings March 25, 2018 Floral Freedom Collection

Floral + Fashion + Ambiance  = The Perfect Formula for creativity Years of watching trees, viewing sunflower beds in Tuscany, colours of palettes my mind wanted to bring together something special. I found that these things take time to form, even years in my case. Playing with studio work is one of my favourite pass-times …

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