fashion June 26, 2018 EYMERIC FRANÇOIS (PARIS, FRANCE)

Designer Eymeric Francois. Paris, France GEISHA Couture Collection during MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK MALTA In 2016 I was honoured not to had just captured Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta with Adrian Mizzi and all the amazing local designers but also Eymeric Francois. Eymeric Francois history: Is known for his masks, his deep dark designs and …

Bridal fashion Florists Photography Weddings March 25, 2018 Floral Freedom Collection

Floral + Fashion + Ambiance  = The Perfect Formula for creativity Years of watching trees, viewing sunflower beds in Tuscany, colours of palettes my mind wanted to bring together something special. I found that these things take time to form, even years in my case. Playing with studio work is one of my favourite pass-times …

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