Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar Malta

Walking into the Palazzo, I felt history ease into me, first the lobby of massive paintings of the Royal Family that had lived there then the garden that was like walking into a Pride and Prejudice movie.

But what really bought me to tear…literally. Was a staircase to my history. At the time of some amazing staircases was two Knights watching over the Palazzo & guarding it well.

As i walked into the room on the right my biggest dreams came to life…a room of mirrors, chandeliers & more rooms of where the Royal family had lived.

It wasn’t just set up for night like a wedding, nothing was new even though it was well maintained. The walls still had the natural wallpaper, the floors spoke of previous dances and where the Royals spoke.

There are many places in the world where there is Culture but here I felt presence, I felt love & I felt a great deal of history developing in-front of me room by room.

I even got to capture the Wedding Dress of the one of the family members. Uncanny how you can travel and find existence of another world to tear you up.

Love you with all my heart Malta

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