Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Australia 2018 Resort 19

May 13, 2018

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? Mercedes Benz special.

You can go jump on the other publications but I think this submission will bring out the 50 shades in you. P.S by the end you will strip (just sayin) and be much more wiser and inspired on what you wear tomorrow! Another Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has ended, What have we learnt? What trends went vital? Who made it to most shows? We have it covered right here.From Sunday the 20th to Saturday the 26th of May here is THE summary.

Day 1.

Camilla & Marc

Yes it rained but it didn’t stop special guests attending nor did it change the mood. In fact the mood was completely on another planet. Shooting from the ground up made it much more special. The dirt at my feet and the outfits coming at me through the rocks. Victoria’s Secret model Georgia Fowler came out and shined some light on how amazing the clothes were. I met Thor’s wife AKA Elsa Pataky and she is lovely! Okay I’ll shut up now and let you feel the presence.


Day 2.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I managed to get to a few shows and they impressed the crowd. Oh and Nathalie Kelly arrived to a few shows & just incase you have been hidden under a rock she is from the series “Dynasty”. Caught up with Donny Galella on some Street Style, loved seeing the Fashion gurus take to the street. Kat Hoyos from Here come the Habibs which has been nominated for a logie made an appearance at night and we took her for some snaps. In the street style section you can see what they wore.

Alice McCall

Anna Quan

Backstage and some media pit angles really showcased the outfits

Bianca Spender

Lee Matthews

Grass and nature, you can’t go wrong!

Double Rainbow

Backstage and Front and Centre, was an absolute ball! Caspar Thomas stole the show…

Street Styles

Edwina Mccain

Pip Edwards

Cartia Mallan & Lauren Aroyan

Day 3

We are Kindred

Blair Archibald

Hansen & Gretel

Day 4

Deadly Ponies

Mariam Seddiq



Day 5


Leo & Lin

Justin Cassin


Day 6

Media Wall

After Party

Day 7

Weekend Sessions