Marc Rebilet. That name echoes through the ears of positive people all over the globe and if you don’t know who he is… you’ve been living under a rock.

He started in his apartment a few years back recording live tunes for YouTube, then Facebook then Face book live and yes, I was there from the start laughing and shaking my booty before I started my day (he is from America so time difference)
His style I hear you ask. Let’s just say it’s a natural talent we never knew we needed. He can turn your bad day into motivation and fun. Why? Because he has been through the same normal routine as everyone else. One of his posts shows him talking about where he is now to where he has been.

Life can be rough and last night showed how many Australians feel the same. Everyone in the room had jobs that just drive you through the mud or make you feel shitty.

The moment his emoji face appeared on the screen everyone went ballistic; they were craving his energy to take out some steam and boogie.
Marc is known to wear a robe. It’s his iconic style and he doesn’t sugar coat either, he talks about the human body just as naturally as you would talk about going for a walk and it’s refreshing.

His style of entertainment is more than a boy band or a solo singer… he creates everything (and I mean everything) from scratch. He starts with a base, then sings and records it as back vocals then he plays piano, some more beats, shake his instruments and there you have it, an original track made right in front of you…. No CDs or usbs, no tunes that have been played through the ages. ORIGINAL.

Another great aspect is the way he involves the audience, back in the Facebook live days he would have people call in or video, and their job was to give him one word. From the word, he would create a track using that word. People would line up awaiting their turn in every country in the world to become a part of his community, it’s something he has built, and therefore thousands of people book to see him live…

If you can’t catch him on this tour, book in advance and see him live.

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