Southern Cross Austereo launches the LiSTNR experience

The Listnr Experience


Walking into the Listnr Experience had a very familiar experience, you start your day in the bedroom… waking up to an alarm is the normal feel right? But infact Australians are doing it wrong. You should be waking up to noise that helps you to start your day. Motivation being the key.

So a man wakes up to his favourite podcasts courtesy of Listnr… this gets him in the mood with a little bit of sport, humour and we have forgotten an element, Kids. Kids are able to tune into Alexia and tell her what they want to listen to,  in this scenario Hamish and Andy “Do not open this book”.

When did ironing a shirt become soo entertaining. A known fact, what you start your day with will continue through your day so listening to something with gumption and motivation might just make those daily reports easier to process.

A little detail about me, due to the editing of photos I play my favourite tunes but since discovering Abbie Chatfield and her podcast, editing has become more entertaining and the time goes fast. Having women like Abbie record podcasts that most women actually think about, questions we have in a mind too embarrassed to ask. Abbie stated she has no filter and us women are ok with that. She has become the voice for us, she asks the questions, finds out the facts and stories and yet again no filter! 

We move into the next room being the gym… Now most people go to the gym but use their own earphones. Reason being not everyone likes the gym music. Having the headphones on and tuning into different podcasts allows you to either play tunes or listen to stories, stories that can make you laugh, motivate you or educate you.

After the gym sesh you are pretty much ready to hit your day although there is the public train ride. Depending where you are coming from can take 20 minutes to 2 hours. You can switch off and start shutting down your mind before you get home after a hard day.

In 1998 heading into the city took me 1 hour and let me tell you I went through several devices over the course of 20 years. Cassette tape decks, CD devices then came phones where you could listen to your playlist, or your apple iPod.

Thank goodness for digital music and podcasts. Carrying cassettes and DVDs were really annoying and those iPod were pretty bulky.

The best part being at the end of the long day, there is always something to wind you down or keep you company especially when preparing food. Alexia play cooking with Richo!

So jump on board and start listening, it could be something you’ve been looking for!

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Palazzo Parisio

Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar Malta

Walking into the Palazzo, I felt history ease into me, first the lobby of massive paintings of the Royal Family that had lived there then the garden that was like walking into a Pride and Prejudice movie.

But what really bought me to tear…literally. Was a staircase to my history. At the time of some amazing staircases was two Knights watching over the Palazzo & guarding it well.

As i walked into the room on the right my biggest dreams came to life…a room of mirrors, chandeliers & more rooms of where the Royal family had lived.

It wasn’t just set up for night like a wedding, nothing was new even though it was well maintained. The walls still had the natural wallpaper, the floors spoke of previous dances and where the Royals spoke.

There are many places in the world where there is Culture but here I felt presence, I felt love & I felt a great deal of history developing in-front of me room by room.

I even got to capture the Wedding Dress of the one of the family members. Uncanny how you can travel and find existence of another world to tear you up.

Love you with all my heart Malta

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