Marc Rebillet


Marc Rebilet. That name echoes through the ears of positive people all over the globe and if you don’t know who he is… you’ve been living under a rock.

He started in his apartment a few years back recording live tunes for YouTube, then Facebook then Face book live and yes, I was there from the start laughing and shaking my booty before I started my day (he is from America so time difference)
His style I hear you ask. Let’s just say it’s a natural talent we never knew we needed. He can turn your bad day into motivation and fun. Why? Because he has been through the same normal routine as everyone else. One of his posts shows him talking about where he is now to where he has been.

Life can be rough and last night showed how many Australians feel the same. Everyone in the room had jobs that just drive you through the mud or make you feel shitty.

The moment his emoji face appeared on the screen everyone went ballistic; they were craving his energy to take out some steam and boogie.
Marc is known to wear a robe. It’s his iconic style and he doesn’t sugar coat either, he talks about the human body just as naturally as you would talk about going for a walk and it’s refreshing.

His style of entertainment is more than a boy band or a solo singer… he creates everything (and I mean everything) from scratch. He starts with a base, then sings and records it as back vocals then he plays piano, some more beats, shake his instruments and there you have it, an original track made right in front of you…. No CDs or usbs, no tunes that have been played through the ages. ORIGINAL.

Another great aspect is the way he involves the audience, back in the Facebook live days he would have people call in or video, and their job was to give him one word. From the word, he would create a track using that word. People would line up awaiting their turn in every country in the world to become a part of his community, it’s something he has built, and therefore thousands of people book to see him live…

If you can’t catch him on this tour, book in advance and see him live.

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Hotel De Ricci, Roma Italia

Hotel De Ricci, Roma, Italy.

When our cab driver drove us to the beautiful area of Piazza De Ricci, I already felt like it was home. The area is quite different compared to other tourist spots. I felt a sense of peace, excitement and curiosity walking down the streets. Knowing I was centre to all the areas I love, made the experience that much more special.The street Hotel De Ricci is located is near Trastevere & is not far from the possibility of pursing extraordinary locations.The front entrance is welcoming. You are welcomed with everybody’s favorite pastime “Wine”.Not just any other wine but hand selected by the owner Lorenzo Lisi.


Greeted by beautiful staff I sat down with the general manager Flavio in the essence of history. Candles, books, wine, spirits what more could I ask for. Well I was about to be surprised.


Flavio took me into the glass elevator to explore all the rooms, there are 8 rooms, a secret bar Charade, cigar room, wine cellar & the suites are cultural yet modern.


When traveling I love staying in accommodation that has history yet can jump into bed and watch some TV. The first suite I entered had just that. The smell was so nostalgic from fresh flowers, A modern bathroom with class where I could prep for the town, an area of lounges to sit and drink the finest wine or I may choose to sit on the balcony.


Now let me describe the design concept. Baby blues, strong blacks & wall art. Takes you back to the 50s & 60s. (No wonder the elite stay here). The furniture had textures of comfort and the pieces in the rooms were special. It took two years to create this design and it was combined perfectly.


Did I mention the large tv comes out of the ceiling above the foot of the bed? On days you want to chill, take in the warm Tuscan tones of the walls outside, the trees and sip wine to some Italian Tv. Romance was definitely born.


Let’s talk about the wine cellar hosting an area of hand-picked 1500 wine bottles to choose from which you select and pay for at the end of your experience. I was excited to witness a 15,000eu bottle of wine, explore sweet wines of various regions and take these to the secret bar where you can have a private chat or even have a waiter bring a trolley of special spirits to your liking.


Cigars can be found in the cool cigar room, leather against your skin, cigars cut for you & the 50s theme kicks in. Why not have a glass of cognac to go with the atmosphere.


They have access to tours, local restaurants and cafés. Trastevere is not far as well as the Vatican city. Just a 10min walk.


Each room has all the utilities required, such as hair dryer, iron, Smart Tv, Air conditioning / heating, free fast speed wifi, mini bar & amenities by Maison Kurkdijjan.To top it off the most important aspect is the wine, the vineyards come to your room. 8 bottles are selected (4 white and 4 red) and you have a private wine cellar at your disposal as well as access to the wine cellar collection.        

The balconies consist of outdoor furniture that you may have your breakfast, lunch or dinner on. The scenery is of the local areas, beautiful architecture and nature. The menu does include a champagne breakfast, vegetarian & continental breakfast. Lunch has the home standards of sandwiches etc but also Di Ricci gourmets.


Dinner down the road you must attend to, Restaurant Deluigi, Seafood specialists I call them. Amazing food where the possibility of seeing a celebrity is high due to the demand of the restaurant quality food for the elite.


Just in case you need one extra push to book your flight… they have a shopping tour, you no longer have to search the streets of Rome for those perfect heels, well cut dresses or tailored suits, Hotel Di Ricci will attend to all your needs!

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Eymeric Francois. Paris, France

Designer Eymeric Francois. Paris, France


In 2016 I was honoured not to had just captured Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta with Adrian Mizzi and all the amazing local designers but also Eymeric Francois.

Eymeric Francois history:

Is known for his masks, his deep dark designs and of course his history in fashion.

Eymeric Francois is a guest member that is part of the Paris “Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture”,  He trained under couture designer Thierry Mugler.

The Geisha collection was a deep feeling of nostalgia, as if you were taken back in time and a reveal of gorgeous dark garments were presented to you. You couldn’t look away, the mystery of his designs just made you feel like seeing more…and not missing a beat.

The message behind the runway line is about women, A woman knows who she is and what she wants.

We captured the unique fabrics, the details of the lace and the presence of “Geisha”


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