A Man’s Right to Clothes

July 3, 2018

Sydney, ready or not here Dandyman comes.

As I begin my next chapter in photography, there will be no rules and this is why this amazing man is the perfect muse.

I don’t want ordinary, I don’t want vague, I wanted something that defined the times and Benji did just that.

With the help of the QT Hotel, Strand Hats & … we conquered in a big way.

Qt hotel has some serious history, you could get lost in there & in a fun way. We discovered areas that was just perfect to capture different outfits, Benji aka Dandyman selected tones and combined furniture and space to match.

We also did mini short films in black and white kinda like little stints of being Charlie Chaplin, Benji aka Dandyman can get into character within seconds there were no outtakes… actually only one and that was because I was laughing so hard the camera shook.

I wanted overexposure, flashing lights, Charlie Chaplin, quirky colours and tattoos.

See what we created, see what came naturally, see the future of men’s fashion.

Nothing is outrageous when you open your mind.