Why you should have a professional MC & not Uncle Bob at your wedding!

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This subject is, well… pretty important.


Australian couples spend well into the 40K plus for their wedding; I could break it all down on how much is spent but there are too many different wedding scenarios to mention.

The problem couples face during the engagement stage is nothing compared to not having a professional MC to run your night.



There are various reasons & here are a few:

  1. The Master of Ceremonies takes care of the running of your night.
  2. Without a timesheet all your suppliers will be lost.
  3. Uncle Bob has no idea how the event needs to go.
  4. The venue needs someone to direct them on the flow of the evening.
  5. Photographers & Videographers need to know when the cake will be cut to the speeches etc
  6. The MC will teach you things that cannot be taught; from cutting your cake, holding your Champagne & taking on the first dance.
  7. A professional MC will go through all of this even before the big day happens which means seamless wedding.
  8. The guests will be entertained and not leave at 9:30 pm or when there is no food left to eat.
  9. They keep you in line with the venue time, so you don’t cut your cake at 11:00 pm!
  10. They save you heart surgery from stress when you are 50… just kidding. Actually I am not!


So there are some pretty important factors we touched on. But did you know you can hire MC’s that do more than just the MC part???

Salvatore Coco who is part of the Citigraphica family, he is one individual that can do it all.

Salvatore loves to entertain; loves looking over the fine details and loves seeing true love. When you place an MC like him in charge, your night will be amazing; I have seen this on several occasions.


Kate & George with Salvatore Coco – Click here to book Salvatore


There are packages he offers such as MC, Entertainment & much more. I can’t begin to tell you how good I feel as a photographer when I see my couples smiling ear to ear when they deal with a professional like Salvatore. This really does make a big difference.



A checklist from your MC should be sent out to you before the actual day specifying the suppliers, the flow of the night, checking any special information that we suppliers need to know.



It should have be a run sheet that specifies the entry of guests, cake cutting time, speeches, dance, bouquet, garter amd exit of venue. This information along with him keeping the flow of things on time.



There is nothing more amazing then the MC telling you during the night exactly how much time you have for table shots or a quick note that the cake cutting is in five minutes.



We professionals need that information to prepare all the internal staff, make sure batteries are charged etc. Priceless information… that only a professional will do.


The other great thing is when you have a table at the reception of suppliers together, everything feels different. Remember happy suppliers = amazing wedding.

Which is why you pay the amount you do.


Have a think about it & get started. 


Have a great day




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