Who wants a panic free wedding? You need to read this immediately.

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Panic Free? But how?

There is a motion that happens when you get engaged.

Our whole concept as a bride on your wedding day stems from your experiences and your family traditions.


See the issues raise their ugly heads in the beginning however it is how you deal with it that makes all the difference.

The experiences I have had with brides differs from one to the other.


But ultimately it is how you react.

There is nothing more “Regal” than a stunning bride that has confidence & is a lady… yes a lady.


See the problem we face with modern society is we forget who we are as individuals and who we are surrounded by, social media takes over and your private worries now become public.



I have a step by step guide on how to be regal about your wedding and making it look seamless, because the last thing you want to come across is crazy. Trust me.


Step 1. Hire a wedding planner. Yes hire one because you are going to have your hands full with work commitments, home requirements and the biggest thing is your happiness. There are different forms of planners out there but you want one that does the following:

  1. Goes through the whole theme with you, colours & mood board.
  2. Takes control yet lets you have input
  3. Is creative
  4. Keeps an eye out on your budget you both setup
  5. keeps you updated on the progress of suppliers
  6. Ensures your deposits are taken care of
  7. The list goes on.


Step 2. Do what makes you happy & deal with suppliers with the same mind-frame


You really don’t want to deal with suppliers that don’t love what they do. Passion is the key to a passionate wedding. When selecting a supplier always ask… are we on the same page, what are they like as a person. Will they give my wedding the love that it deserves.Us photographers are known to be part of your family on the day of the wedding and believe me things will happen or not go to plan. We will catch you!



Step 3. The communication of what the result is, is between yourself and your partner. 


It’s ok to listen to others and their advice but your ultimate decision is based on what you both want a as couple.


Step 4. Take care of yourself.

  1. Baths with epsom salt
  2. Facials
  3. Drink H2O
  4. Eat fresh produce
  5. Get on board with a personal trainer.
  6. Have date nights with your partner
  7. Play a sport or do something that makes you social
  8. Be kind to your family and friends, stressed out? Take up boxing.
  9. Massages
  10. Be truthful to your partner about wedding decisions.



Step 5. Research but make it fun

The last thing most men want is to be taken around Sydney to Expos and seeing suppliers. Leave it to your wedding planner and yourself to experience this.

Look at magazines, go online and check out your favorite ideas but don’t get lost into affording something you can’t.




Step 6. Have a small break away.


Even if it is to Manly or the Hunter Valley, have a weekend away with your partner. It will refresh you both and remind you of why you are doing all this. A wedding can be fabulous but having a wedding that is stress free is something magical to look back on.




Step 7. Give yourself adequate time to process and plan.


Don’t rush into setting the date. Give yourself time to workout how much time it will take to plan and afford.

Remember the more time you have till the wedding date the more you can afford…. and yes less stress.

Also the engagement time is fun… you are surrounded by love and being loved is something that you should cherish and not hurry.




Step 8. Organsing the bridal party.


Do it immediately and let people know it is done. The last you want is people thinking it is them… and waiting to be asked.

Sit with your bridal party and let them know what is required upfront. Whether it is money or bringing their own shoes. People like to plan ahead. Don’t leave this till the last minute. You may even want to discuss dress details and get them involved in the process.



Step 9. Setting the date requirements


Book your church first, then reception then photographer.

But if you have someone in mind that you can’t do without their services… book them first. We get booked sometimes two years in advance, this because the bride has already got in her mind the style she wants. There is not point in spending big money on the details if it is not going to be captured correctly.



Step 10. Goal list & Count Down list.


Every time you get something done. Tick it off the list it will make you feel good!

So basically you see planners use documentation to tick off your list. What I suggest is for brides to have a list of what they require and show the wedding planner so you can decide what they will take on.



Step 11. The most important step.


Let your man select the cars & let him decide on the style. It will make him happy & you will feel pretty special.

Book us in now to book an appointment, lets get started! Contact Jaden 0435384471 or email jaden@citigraphica.com


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