What is your perfume flavour

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Coco. Chanel. What’s your flavour?


Time to time I schedule a session in with my Vogues. Yes they are sacred to me. Yes I collect them.


Back in 2013 Vogue had a section in Vogue Spy. They focused on Coco Chanel & her private passions.


It was actually the bottles that got me. I see them & shoot them almost every weekend. I try to make them relevant in photos to how the bride would imagine them. My love for shooting anything goes deeper than it’s just a perfume bottle; I see what the bride sees & wants me to capture which is the essence. Anyhooo From 1921 to 1986 the bottles have changed. However the original bottle bears the now-iconic double-C branding. The double C branding came from Catherine de ‘Medici. Known as the double-C monogram.


So I thought when choosing your wedding perfume, you should be able to relate to the smell, the feel & the brand.


Coco loves reading. She collected gifts & trinkets. One of her lovers Hugh Grosvenor second Duke of Westminster gifted her a French Riviera escape in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.


Her first affair was with Arthur “boy” Capel, who tragically died but led her to the creation of her first perfume, Chanel No 5.


So there you have it. The reason behind your secret choice of Chanel.




Leave a comment below on what perfume you love. What’s your flavour?

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