Engagement Shoot

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You asked & we answered…you want to know more about the meaning of Engagement Shoot/Pre-Wedding Shoot.

So here it is from our side.

We have had our fair share of engagement shoots or what we call Pre-Wed.

The Pre-wed has a few good outcomes that couples don’t actually see or take advantage of.

Firstly the Pre-wed is not meant to be perfect, it’s about finding your ground when it comes to standing together, getting romantically close to your partner & overall being cosy with the camera.

Secondly the first 15 minutes are a ride off… simply because that is how long it takes a couple to feel at ease with a camera pointing at them.


Now there are different ways different photographers shoot.

  1. There is the candid: This is what everyone asks for but can sometimes regret it for certain areas. Basically it is you doing your own thing and we capture it.
  2. The posed: Where the photographer lines you up and you are told where to look and what emotions to feel. Very setup but the outcome is nice!!!
  3. But we have another concept which works for us here at Citigraphica. It’s called the Canpos. Yes it is an insider slang in Citigraphica. Basically it is this: We pose you in a certain manner/ stance that looks great on camera, suits your good side & lets you just chat to your lover or laugh. This way you don’t look awkward & it still comes out natural. But it can only be done with semi pros in-front of the lens which means we need to train you first for your big day. 
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Anthony & Nadine

The other reason behind the shoot include the obvious hair & makeup trial. Where you get to see how your look will come out, hold out and see it on camera to make any adjustments for the big day. Meeting your head shooter on the day gives you that advantage to understand their concept.

I have included some examples of different styles of pre-weds. Yet again these are “in-house labels” that we use.


The Relaxed – you could also call this hugging the tree look where you sit around trees, beaches basically doing what ever you do as a couple but keep it clean lol.


The Striking – It’s about getting up, close and personal using your features and bringing out a slightly sexy side in images. *Computer Botox extra.


The Personality – It could be a photo of your hands, your legs or even a beauty spot that your partner or friends would recognise.


The Couple Next door – This is basically the couple just standing, dressed casually in a natural location just being them. No posing, no close ups just you.



What do I wear is a common question. I tell my couples depending on the atmosphere & surroundings. 

  1. A long summer dress for the lady, paired with some beige long shorts for men.
  2. Heels and flats for the day for women, can switch around.
  3. Women can look hot in a nice slim line pair of jeans matched with a white blouse or modern lace top
  4. Guys can pull off a collared shirt or a V neck shirt. Plain T-shirts don’t really make the cut!

Another question is where do we go?


Unfortunately unless you are my client I can’t answer that, i have some beautiful places up my sleeve & if i reveal this… All photos around will look the same.

Question is, why haven’t you booked me yet????


So now that you have a better understanding of what we do, on the day you now see why certain couples look more comfortable behind the camera than others. Because they know us & they know us well. I speak to my brides before the wedding day & we build friendships.

Being a “boutique” photography business, time-frames on delivery may be relaxed but our images are amazing & the quality is “on point”.

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Tony & Jane



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