Weather on your wedding day

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Weather & your wedding day!


Our biggest “no” is saying the R word out-loud! Yes we are talking about the Rain.

Brides go through stages leading up to the wedding analysing everything that could go wrong.


Stop! The law of energy states, the more energy you put into something makes it happen

So basically you are telling the universe to open up the heavens.

Photographers have been to so many locations with their experience. Sometimes backup weather plans don’t work. A great photographer will be able to come up with a solution fairly quickly. You need to trust your photographer, hence you hired them in the first place.


Listen to your photographer. If your photographer disagrees with a location option, there are normally good reasons behind it.

Photographers ask you for checklists on your day. Times of ceremony, times of reception…The reason why is LIGHT! Also we secretly check the weather too.

The fascination behind every shot is to try and give customers something special. Not all photos are perfect but if you listen to your photographers requests they will be as close as possible.

Sunshine is great but on a bright day with no clouds, glare can show up producing sun spots. Shade & clouds are a photographers best friend & if there is no shade be prepared for glare, no escaping it!


Another scenario is when you are working in certain conditions, especially at the beach. A photographer needs to know tide times. No point showing up at the most gorgeous location where the tide has come in and you have to shoot from the hill of the beach.

The golden hours can be magical, if the sun goes down in the distance and there isn’t too much glare it can be breathtaking.



Our couple shown below Sara & Andre listened to us & their photos were amazing. It was an afternoon with golden sun and clouds. It made the images stand out, glare was reduce as were sunspots. If there was no clouds and the sun was too high we would had shot under shade or trees to minimize these affects.



The golden rule on your wedding day… listen to your photographer.







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