Spring is coming but…

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Spring is just the name of the season these days






Times are changing. My winter brides will tell you, we had every season you could possibly imagine over the last few months. Even in Malta it was cool compared to previous years spent there in May.



I was talking to one of my brides last week and we were saying how this weather just ain’t like the 80’s… Winters were cold and summers were hot! So we decided to do a little shifting on her behalf and install some much needed backup arrangements.


If you are thinking that your wedding in Spring or even summer is going to be on point then think again.


Start those back up plans now! If you are thinking of a plan B for photos now is the time. This last week I have felt warm weather and weather fit for the eskimos… three layers of clothing and editing with gloves, yes gloves.


So here is what I am thinking… Bring & plan the following:

  1. A throw over, a coat or a dress with sleeves
  2. A location for photos for weather backup
  3. An umbrella or two
  4. Lots of food for the day as the cold air makes you feel hungry
  5. Maybe a Maccas stop?
  6. Some throw overs for the bridesmaids
  7. Possibility of ugg boots for the bridal prep to keep those toes warm (maybe start a trend?)
  8. Have heaters ready to go at the house, cold grumpy bridesmaids won’t do


So don’t say I didn’t warn you… backup plans are awesome.





Katherine xoxoxo

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