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Kate & George with Salvatore Coco

The wedding day & those little important aspects.


I remember when I got married, I think the most nervous I felt, wasn’t about the man waiting at the end of the aisle for me. Nah I was certain he was there. (My De Niro father made certain)


The biggest nerves I had…. Was tripping over the dress on the way to say I do. I also learnt how to walk upstairs & in general with a big dress.


Every time I have a wedding, I say one line to my brides.


“Kick your feet”… it works every time. If you feel like you are going to trip. Kick your feet and the dress will stay up not under your toes where you fall flat on your face. Guests laugh when I say it but it’s not for their importance it’s for my bride to be.


Look after your suppliers – This includes: MC, Photographers, Videographers, Band, Entertainment etc. Have a table set with full meals in the actual room of the venue for your suppliers. Ensure their meals are being served the same time as your guests. Some suppliers like us work 12 hours straight… it’s a humane thing to do as well as part of the law!


Another factor to consider is your bouquet, no one really considers the important factors about selecting a bouquet.

  1. Light weight… leave weights for the gym!
  2. Choose the flowers in season so you don’t pay extra for importing them
  3. The style is for your wedding day, don’t go crazy. Simplicity works a charm in photos.
  4. How do you intend to hold it? So will it be a short, long or wide bouquet?


Recently I have come across a few other areas that brides don’t realise until the day.


The reception table arrangements… there is one thing that is important, it’s your guests. You have organised entertainment, amazing food, luxury & an amazing venue to celebrate in.


Please Please Please – invest in a large frame with table layouts with table numbers, full names etc.

It’s not a nice thing to see when guests have to pull out their glasses to see or even ask staff where they are sitting. Consider the elderly, their names need to be printed clearly with their table numbers. If you have selected an amazing venue their staff will be happy to help your guests to their table numbers. Otherwise you will be walking in 45minutes later because of the issues it has taken to seat your guests.


An MC is an investment. An MC should be experienced… should chat to your suppliers & hand them a timesheet to show them the schedule otherwise be prepared for a no show of photographers/videographers when your first dance is announced!


When you decide on the scene for your first dance… ask your venue for recommendations for the smoke machine. This is terribly important. The wrong machine can cause hazard not just for your guests but for your bank account. It can set the smoke alarms off & there is a nice pricey fine to go with it.



Bombos…. Okay I have seen it all. Candles, little frames, plants, keyrings, Bottle openers, lollies, jars, chocolates… etc But do you know what I love… I think it was Elena & Rocco’s wedding. They had olive oil in jars. Labelled with their names and date. Everyone who has a kitchen needs olive oil but make it special. Import it from the country or the Hunter Valley.


One last thing. Stress. Panic & Panic attacks. I have one amazing solution for that… Vino aka wine!!!!


Much Love Katherine xoxoxox


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