2017 Lets Do This!

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The Time is Now. Moloko.



Ok so previously I have typed some blogs in regards to the wedding day. I am going to recap & also add some important aspects.


Let’s start with your suppliers…


Majority of my couples are now spending 50K plus. In saying this there are a few things you need to realise.


1. You may have just paid 10K for your dress, but please don’t skimp on the MC, the Decor & the Bridal Setup. Also Important areas.
2. In regards to Master Of Ceremonies – you want someone that is organised and can make people listen with care. Uncle Charlie won’t do!
3. Hire a mannequin please for your dress and his suits & while you are at it get the designer to come fit you into the dress on the morning of your wedding. It will save you time.
4. Flowers. Please keep in mind the season of your wedding & stick to flowers that are fresh not imported.
5. Hire someone a few days before your wedding to clean the houses where you are getting ready… especially if you are having lots and lots of relatives visit on the day.
6. Make sure you are super happy with hair and makeup… trial if you can on the pre-wed shoot & even ask your gown designer about the look that would be great with the dress as they are the creators and the vision.
7. Don’t have your ceremony after 3pm… please… or be prepared for less photos and a rushed photo & video session.
8. Inform your bridal party about etiquette… no mobile phones during photo session, ceremony & speeches. Last thing you want is terrible, regrettable photos.
9. You have the time, start that clean eating diet and walking 30mins a day! Your body needs to be in top condition because the camera doesn’t lie.
10. Your groomsmen & your bridesmaids make the difference between a good bridal party & an amazing bridal party… Requires lots of energy & you will need their help on the day!!!!
Some points are lethal but are ON POINT!
Don’t be afraid to ask questions to suppliers, like times of delivery. Being on top of your wedding will help you on the day…it will take away the fear.
For you have nothing to fear, your future is waiting for you at the other end of the aisle.


Much Love
Team Citigraphica


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